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Not Who We Are

Visual Culture, Loss and Resilience

Wednesday, March 22, 7:00 p.m.

19 Washington Square North (NYU Abu Dhabi on the Square)

(Lebanon, 2013, 75 minutes)
Directed by Carol Mansour

In early 2013, Syrians became the fourth largest refugee population in the world. Close to one million of those have taken refuge in Lebanon. More than eighty percent are women and children. "Not Who We Are" portrays the lives of five Syrian women refugees, from different socio-educational backgrounds. In Lebanon they struggle against life’s daily brutality and try to rebuild lives shattered by war. They provide us with a glimpse into their daily hardships as well as their strength, resilience and survival instinct.

Cosponsored by the Wagner School for Public Policy, the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center and NYU Abu Dhabi.