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Mikiya Koyagi

Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, 2015
M.A. University of Texas at Austin, 2006
B.Soc.Sci. Hitotsubashi University, 2000

Office Address: 

53 Washington Square South Room 519 New York, NY 10012


(212) 998-8882


(212) 995-4689

Courses Taught:

Iran Past and Present
Transnational Asia
Global Iran
The Persianate World
Modern Iran

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Modern Iran


As a social historian, I am interested in how ordinary people experienced and shaped modernity in Iran. My current research examines the impact of transportation technology, especially the railroad, on various segments of Iranian society such as nomads, laborers, pilgrims and tourists from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. Aside from research agendas within Iranian Studies, I also study relations between Japan and the Islamic world since the mid-nineteenth century. In particular, I am working on a trans-regional study of how Japanese pan-Asianists interacted with the Islamic world between the late nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century.

Some of my courses are geographically focused, such as courses on Iran and the Persianate world (societies that were influenced by the Persian language and culture, including China, India, and Central Asia). Others are more thematically organized, such as courses on the concept of “Asia” and technology in the Islamic world.

Selected Publications: 

Journal Articles:
“The Vernacular Journey: Railway Travelers in Early Pahlavi Iran, 1925-1950,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 47 (October, 2015)

“The Hajj by Japanese Muslims in the Interwar Period: Japan’s Pan-Asianism and Economic Interests in the Islamic World,” The Journal of World History 24 (2013): 849-876

“Moulding Future Soldiers and Mothers of the Iranian Nation: Gender and Physical Education under Reza Shah, 1921-1941,” International Journal of the History of Sport 26 (2009): 1668-1696

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